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Our philosophy

Kouvaraki is a child-centered school for preschool children built from scratch in new facilities. Our basic pedagogy is based on the idea that children have a hundred ways of expression, a hundred languages ​​to speak and a hundred hands to express themselves, however we, by asking them to follow a certain way of discovering the world around them, deprive them of this right. We as a school, recognizing their right to one hundred, have created an environment that ensures the development of cognitive, emotional, social and moral capabilities. Thus, the child can build knowledge without fear and learn to manage his mistakes by participating critically and creatively and feeling embraced by society as a whole. This approach offers alternative ways of philosophy, methodology and pedagogy, which aim at a child-centered education system.More

Our goal

Promoting the child`s autonomy through a specially designed educational program
Respect for the pace of learning and development of each child individually
Promoting the mental health and tranquility of each child
Experiential discovery of the world around him through free play

Our news

International Fairy Tea Party

International Fairy Tea Party

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To make your appointment and get to know our pedagogical philosophy and our pedagogical material you can call 2421041881 daily from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.Contact